We love dogs, design and plywood

We are a small family-run business producing environmentally friendly and sustainable plywood small dog houses and accessories. All our products are designed and handmade in European Union.

Our beliefs

We believe in timeless design, natural materials, and simple but elegant shapes – all of which are represented exclusively in our products with the result of great aesthetics and functional qualities.

Our passion

We are passionate about handmade products and environmentally friendly materials. That's why we love to use birch plywood and employ craftsmanship in everything we produce. All our products are handmade in European Union and built to last a lifetime.

Our brand

Cuut is cute! Sure is, but did you know that the name Cuut came from the Estonian word "kuut" which means dog crate in our mother tongue. No surprise there! Cuut is also a patented design and a registered trademark.

Our production

We believe that the best strategy for sustainable living is to make things that last. We only use the finest materials in our production process with simple solutions that help us care for the planet.

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