Meet Sammy

Sammy is a 3-year old Pomeranian – an extremely friendly and happy dog. But when Sammy moved to a bigger home, he began to act weirdly – he started barking anxiously and he was scared of everything. Luckily, Sammy's owners were worried and contacted a dog therapist, who came to visit and offered some helpful suggestions.

The therapist

The therapist saw Sammy's new home and said that Sammy felt the urge to protect his pack and place – that's what canines should do, right? Since the place was big, with two floors, and Sammy was tiny, it caused the pocket-sized pooch a great deal of stress and anxiety. The therapist believed that Sammy needed his own home inside the big house – a crate. So if something disturbed him, he could go hide and rest. His owners took the advice very seriously and searched for the ideal solution – to find something that Sammy would like so he could use it as a natural den, yet something the owners would also like to see in their home – something beautiful would not look out of place in a modern home interior. Unfortunately there was nothing even close to it available.

Form and function

Since Sammy’s owners were professional designers, they came up with a completely new idea. How about creating their own design and make the best-looking small indoor dog house on the planet? Yet one that also has all the other functionality that Sammy needs – that's how the idea for the Cuut house was born. 

Happy ending

When the first Cuut prototype was brought home, Sammy carefully checked it out. It took a couple of days before Sammy realized that Cuut is cuute! That it's dark enough and he can crawl into it like his wolf ancestors would do in their den. They had designed Cuut without a static base so it would be easy to clean up when an accident happens and Sammy can use his favorite pillow inside for extra comfort. Once Sammy got used to Cuut, he became a calm, friendly, and happy dog again. And no more barking too!

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