Reduce your besties' stress level with Cuut

Small dogs
love small spaces

With Cuut your best friend has a safe space – it reduces their stress level, while giving them a comfort zone and sense of security. They can simply rest, relax and feel private, protected, and at peace.

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Your dog
is a wolf at heart

Dogs instinctively search for small spaces to create a den for themselves. We designed Cuut for this reason – it’s small and dark enough to mimic a natural den for your bestie.

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Perfect size

Cuut is designed to fit the most S and XS sized dogs.
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Cushion included

This soft and comfortable cushion offers familiarity and quality of sleep and will keep your buddy warm on cold winter nights. It's 100% free with your Cuut purchase.

Closable door

As puppies rarely know when to take a break from play, you can simply send them off for a well-deserved rest and close the door. It’s also very handy at night to keep them from roaming around.

Without base

Clear up any ‘little accidents’ with ease. In addition, it’s useful in the summer – if the temperature starts to rise just remove the cushion.